Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What are our rights for flying?

When we buy our plan ticket, what rights do we have while on the plane?
Well on a plane flight to Denver, CO. There was one guy going to see what his rights really were. He went to lay back his seat and the man behind him didnt like that and wanted the space to be on his laptop. The guy thought he had the right to have the other sit up so he can do his work while on the plane. What happened? Well, they both didnt want to budge what they thought they had the right in. So, it ended up in a punch fight during the flight! Both guys were then thrown off the flight when it landed in Denver. Although only one guy got removed from that airline the other continued to fly that day through the same company just on a different flight.

Do you think this was right? Do you think, that when we fly we have the right to use the features provided to us through that airline?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Did Google Take a Picture of a Corpse on Google Street View?

We all have heard of how Google gets snap shots to put on the internet for street views. Well has Google gone to far? Check out this picture of this girl in London who is lying face down on the street view of Google maps picture. I thought it was crazy they would put this on there and not remove it. I wonder how many other pictures like this one has gotten on the Google maps. Well, Worried residents contacted the other sources and newspapers, attempting to find out if it was evidence of a murder or hit n run accident! Is she dead?

Apparently not! Her mother told the newspapers that her daughter was only playing a prank when the driver took pictures for Google passed by and shot the picture. The daughter told the newspapers that " she feel over while playing with her friend and thought it would be funny to play like she was dead".

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who Likes Chicken Nuggets?

There was a women from Ohio who was 25 years old. She went to MacDonald's at 6:30 in the morning. Nothing seems odd about that. Well, she ordered Chicken nuggets. Which they have already stopped serving at that time. The lady came on the intercom and said they are serving breakfast right now, they have stopped serving dinner at 2:30am. She was so mad that she came around the corner, got out of her car, started throwing punches at the employee, then pounding on the glass with her elbow and then finally smashing it in! The employee was so worried that he shut the glass and locked it but caught her arm in it. Which forced her to let go. She now is in jail for 60 days and has been charged with vandalism. She was also told never to come back to that MacDonald's again. She caused over 1500$ of damage.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tree Hotel IN Sweden!

I thought it was impossible, Some thought it couldn't be done, while others thought it would be a death trap for birds. What am I talking about here? Well, This would be describing the glass house which is 40 miles south of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. It seems to be pretty much invisible, unless you know where to look. It has been mirrored on the outside of it. While also being Eco friendly! This is not a house, It has been called by the co-owner, named Kent Lindvall, the Tree Hotel. It has heated floors. Also an incineration toilet. When you stay at this Tree Hotel you will be offered different nature paths to hike. Staying in this place while on vacation gives you a chance to see nature how it "really is". Don't worry, for those who are wondering about the birds, they have applied a special coat on the outside of the mirrors to let them be able to know there is something there.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

How Great Is Our President?

I thought this was really neat and something so great that is beyond comparison to any of our other presidents. This made a HUGE impression to everyone I'm sure. Its hard to think that a President would do something like this with so little time. A young girl who was a 5Th grader from Philadelphia was being bullied at school. She knew she needed to fix her situation but wasn't getting the help she needed. So, she reached out to the President of the U.S. Asking him for help. President Obama then wrote out to the young girl give her some words of encouragement! Is this the first time he has ever reached out to the younger generation? No....

There was another young girl from GREEN BAY, Wisconsin. The father ,John Corpus, stood to ask Obama about health care during the president's town hall style meeting at Southwest High School on Thursday June 11,2009. He told President Obama that his daughter was missing school to attend the event and that he hoped she didn't get in trouble. What did President Obama do? Well he wrote her a personal note to her teacher from President Barack Obama. Excusing her from class the day of the event.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Would You Die For A WII Game System?

There was a contest in California to win a WII game system. All you had to do is hold your pee. Yes, your pee. Seems easy right? All you needed to do was drink water every 15 minutes and not go to the bathroom. Whoever held it the longest won the gaming system. Unfortunately it took a terrible turn, a women name Jennifer Strange who was 28 years old, was found dead Friday in her home just hours after taking part in the “Hold Your Wee for a WII” contest. She held her pee for 16 hours, and died later that day because of water intoxication. How sad this story is. What she did for her children. Although she passed away her family still did receive the WII gaming system.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Women Stuck Under Fridge For 4 Days!

We know how useful a refrigerator can be. Storing all our frozen and cold foods in it. What if it actually became a danger though? How, you might be thinking? Well there was a women from California who was trapped for 4 days under her refrigerator! When I was reading this I could not understand how something like this could happen. She said "It was top heavy from food in the freezer. When I opened it, it fell on me!"

First of all, I had no idea this could actually happen! I thought there was something to keep them from doing that like a so called design. The real question is however, How did she remain stuck underneath it for 4 days?? During the 4 days she was falling in and out of consciousness and her back was cut up by glass. She had tried to throw a bag of frozen peas out the window to break the glass so someone could hear her. With no success, she was stuck.

Finally, A man who was canvassing a political campaign went knocking on doors, heard a women crying for help. With her helping him to find a way in, He opened a sliding door and saw her trapped all the way up to her thighs under the fridge. He then helped her and contacted 911 to make sure she was going to be ok. Yes, she lived to tell this story to her family as this will live on for generations to come...